Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bible Study, Sewing and Tea

Wednesday mornings the boys and I attend Community Bible Study (CBS). This year we are studying the Book of Revelation. It was pointed out that it is the book of Revelation not Revelations as we in the Southern part of the US are so apt to call it. I really had never thought much about it, I know I am guilty of calling it Revelations. But the point is, John only had ONE revelation and thus the name of the book. This book can be a dividing point among many Christians...does it reveal end times, has it already happened, should we study it, just to name some of the differing points. Our teaching leader made an excellent point this morning, that really applies to the entire Bible. What does this book (chapter, verse, etc.) teach me about God? What does this book (chapter, verse, etc.) teach me about myself. If I stick to those questions and not worry about the "mystery" of the book I will learn alot this year.

Halloween boxers made for Smoda

The boxers are bitter sweet for me. My mother always made boxers for the boys. It was one of the things they really looked forward to receiving. Last year, at this time, she made the last pairs for the boys. She was never happy with the waistband. They worked, but not to her liking. On the very last pair she made she got the waistband "right". In January, we talked about making the boys some Valentine's sleep pants together. She was going to teach me the elusive waistband trick. Needless to say, she passed away before we had a chance to do the pants. I hadn't even thought of doing them alone. Then the other day we were at Hobby Lobby and Smoda saw this fabric. He HAD to have it. When I asked him what he wanted to make, he informed me boxers. Well, I did it. I think my mom would be proud. She always wanted me to sew.

Getting Smoda to stand still for the picture was next to impossible. He started dancing as soon as the boxers were on his body!

He wasn't the only one doing the Happy Dance. I received an order from Teavana today. I wish you could smell the tea....oh, so heavenly! The one on the left is Almondina Biscotti, it actually has slivers of almonds. The other is Phoenix Dragon Jasmine Pearl. I don't think you can see it, but each tea leaf is rolled into a tiny pearl shaped ball. It relaxes as it steeps and is absolutely delicious. The tea came just in time, we are going to have a cold front pass through tomorrow. I can just picture the day...curled up in a chair reading to the boys, drinking yummy tea.

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