Saturday, October 28, 2006

Safety Warning

Do not put melted, boiling butter in an empty coke can! It can boil over, spew and cause one massive mess.

How do I know this? Last night I was making potato soup. I had the butter melting on the stove when one of my young knights needed something. (Hint, do not leave melting butter on a gas range unattended)

When I came back, a few minutes (15) later, the butter was burned...a horrible blackish brown. I knew I did not want to pour it down the disposal. So I looked for somewhere to put it.

There on the counter was the perfect empty Dr. Pepper can. I began pouring the melted butter in. Almost immediately, I heard fizzing and popping and the mess began spewing all over the counter. Evidently, the can was not quite empty...there were a few drops of DP left. That was enough to cause a minor volcano and a major mess of melted butter goo on my kitchen counter!

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