Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Smoda began Kindermusik class yesterday. Poor third child, up till now he had no scheduled activities, other than AWANA which we did as a family. He has been a trooper going to endless baseball games, pitching lessons, baseball camps, piano lessons and cub scout activities.

Then it happened, two weeks ago he looked at me and in a sweet little voice said..."When do I get to do something?" Boy, talk about a guilty feeling on my part. The other boys had done various little classes geared to their ages, but not Smoda. So I found a Kindermusik class for him.

Talk about excited. He got up yesterday morning and drew a picture for his teacher. His music bag was by the front door by 9:00a.m. He wondered all day what instrument he would play. We listened to the CD endlessly.

After class, he was all smiles. He loved it! When does he get to go back. I am so happy I made the effort to find the class. It is the little joys like this that make being a mom worth it all.

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