Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Youngest Knight

This is Smoda. The youngest knight at my hearth. He loves to have his picture taken and is always so amazed when he sees the immediate digital image of himself. He can't believe that he has the same clothes on!

Smoda does not formally "do school" yet. But on days when his little four year old heart desires the "formal" learning we sit down together and do "Get Set for School" by Handwriting without Tears. It is a fun curriculum that incorporates lots of songs and easy activities for teaching the letters. Perfect for my very busy young man.

One of the activities uses the block shapes to make "mat man", of course there is a cute song that goes along with the activity. "Mat man has one head, one head, one head......" After the child has sung the song and built the character with blocks, you have them draw their own mat man. Here is Smoda's:

He was so proud of his creation. I was too, I especially like the way he wrote his name!

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Mrs. M. said...

Hey Smoda, You are quite an artist. Love, Mrs. M.