Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lego Robotics Class

Monday I had Lego Robotics class. We worked with NXT, NXT are the new Lego Mindstorms. Mindstorms are normal Legos with motors, sensors, and a brain. We program them to do tasks. Monday, we made a robot that went around shoes. It did the task, but it moved the shoes. The shoes were the course. We made a bumper so it didn't tear up the shoes.

Speedy B (in the gray shirt) and his partner SW. The robot is behind the red and white shoe.

Lego class is a bunch of fun.

by: Speedy B


Jeanie said...

Tell him I said "Way to go"

Julie in Texas said...

Thanks Jeanie. You made his day. He had checked for comments on and off all afternoon!