Sunday, October 22, 2006

Knitting in the Woods

Cowodie and I just got back from a weekend with his Cub Scout Pack. We went to a Scout Ranch, boy heaven not too mom friendly. This was our third year to attend, so I knew what I was in for. It is boy heaven because of wide open spaces, ditches and creekbeds to explore, caves, bb gun range and an archery event. There is also a "haunted" hayride - spooks provided by local Boy Scout troops. The scenery is fantastic and the stars were indescribable. I saw the Milky Way for the first time, truly a testament to God's Glory! Now for the not too mom friendly running water, no electricity, everything you bring must be packed out and for the best part...LATRINES. Not very private latrines at that! I can do anything for one evening, especially for the thrill that Cowodie get when we go, it will be the topic of conversation for weeks to come.

The good thing? Lots of knitting was accomplished. I rode with a friend, so there was three hours of uninterrupted knitting time. I worked on the scarf during that time. It is over half done now. While standing in line for the different events, I worked on my 2nd sock. I found a fanny pack to be the perfect sock transport for this. My yarn was able to move freely and when I needed to put the project away it fit perfectly! This sock is now ready for the heel flap, I should be able to finish it and the scarf by next weekend.

Poor RacerDad, Speedy B and Smoda stayed home. Speedy B had baseball games. They were sad to miss, but when they heard how cold it was, they were glad to have had access to warm beds.

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