Friday, October 06, 2006

This and That

Unbelievably sad bumper sticker I saw yesterday....Let the rapture come, we'll have the earth to ourselves.

I finished sewing patches on a cub scout brag vest for a friend late last night. It is typically easy sewing, quick and mindless. This one proved to be a challenge. My invisible top thread kept breaking every patch or so. It wouldn't have been so bad it I didn't sew on around 30 patches!

My sweet husband has trouble with his ears today. He spent most of last night trying various things to unplug his ears. They just seem to have gotten worse. He can barely hear out of one ear and not at all out of the other. But like a lot of men I know, he refuses to go to the doctor. As he left for work I offered to call and make an appointment for him. An emphatic no was the answer, then he said "I may go to a clinic at lunch". I hope so, as sweet as he is, illness makes him a bear!

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