Friday, October 13, 2006

What a Friday!

Today has been one of those days when I have to work really hard at remembering how blessed I am. It started with us frantically trying to get schoolwork accomplished and the house picked up so that I could have another lesson on the sewing/embroidery machines. Things were going along fairly well....if you could ignore the delightful bickering in the background.

We were interrupted in our progress by "these really cool birds" that Speedy B saw in the front yard. Everyone went running outside to look, myself included. The biggest crows I have ever seen were in our yard and on the neighbors rooftop. During our little science lesson outdoors, the lady who was coming for sewing called (actually she had her husband call) to say she was not going to make it today. This was five minutes AFTER her expected arrival time. Why can't people be considerate and if they are going to cancel on you, do it in a timely manner?? Oh well, I went upstairs and tried it on my own. I was able to figure a few things out. I was able to put Smoda's name on a pillowcase that matches his boxers. I also figured out how to do a rolled hem, I am wanting to make some Thanksgiving napkins. I think I can do it.

We went to piano lessons, ran errands and had lunch. One of my errands was to the sewing center to figure out why I could not use the Viking software that I have. Evidently I am missing this little piece called a dongle. No problem I should be able to replace it.....for $550. I have to rebuy the software and the dongle. The dongle is the "security device" to keep people from pirating the software. Mom would have had it plugged into the USB port of her computer, I wasn't the one to pack the computer and no one else remembers having seen it. So for now I am using the Babylock instead of the Designer I.

Tonight, I went to get my "Mystery Gift #1" out to show RacerDad. It was complete, I was so proud. It was longer in my bag. The last time I saw it was at piano lessons. I have traveled many miles since then. I am just hoping it is at the music studio and that when I call them tomorrow, the answer will be "of course we have it".

Such a Friday.....time for bed!

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Beth said...

Just stopping by wondering if you found your missing item.

We had a tough Friday also but so far the weekend is going very well. At least knitting helps me to keep my sanity.