Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pillowcase and Baseball

I was able to use the Babylock to embroider names. It was not easy, I had to walk away several times. You don't just use the sewing machine, you actually program on the computer, download to a floppy disk and then put it on the computer. I was pleased with the results. There were lots of compliments at the ballgames today. I even had some ladies place orders for Christmas presents. My mom would be laughing to know that I am considering sewing as a way to earn some extra who would never even consider sewing!

Pillowcase that matches Smoda's boxers.
Speaking of ballgames, Speedy B's team split with the other team today. The first game we lost, though the boys were able to come back from a 7-0 deficit to end the game 8-9. The second game they were over their slow start and they won 9-5. Their coach consistantly calls them "The Cardiac Kids". Today they lived up to their name.

Speedy B catching

Cowodie's team won as well. They beat the other team 20-1. It was a shame. RacerDad and the head coach always work hard to encourage the players on both teams and there was a mother on the other team who was giving RacerDad a hard time as he pitched. RacerDad takes his job very seriously. He wants the boys to have success, but he does not push to the disadvantage of the other team. The heckling of the mother has really bothered him. I wish that people in the stands would think before they speak.

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Sandra Knapp said...

Another person who is multi-talented. Knitting and sewing among other things. Isn't it great? Your socks look great, and so are the Smooda shorts and pillow cases. Wouldn't it be great to use your natural talents to earn a living, and all while happy in your own comfortable home? I think it sounds ideal.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your very nice comment.

Have a great day,
Sandie :)